Secret Stash: NSFW Kaleidoscopes


It’s the third Thursday of the month, and it’s time for me to post a selection from My Secret Stash–sketchbook drawings, comics roughs, reference photos, and other marginal stuff– on Patreon.
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The Cuckoo’s Calling
by Robert Galbraith

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Piggola Goes Motoring on Patreon


It is the second Thursday of the month, and if you have been following my Patreon page, then you know that’s when I post a comic from the archives. This month’s comic is PIGGOLA GOES MOTORING, part two, a previously unpublished story from one of my sketchbooks, drawn in 1974, when I was fifteen. (Since this comic is on the long side, I broke it into two parts; I posted the first part last month.)

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Becoming Richard Pryor
by Scott Saul

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Go Patreon!


I have important news, everyone! I am beginning a new project which I hope will make a huge difference in my life, if not in the world. I am launching a Patreon page to support my work in comics. Actually, I launched the page a month ago, but I wanted to make sure that everything worked to my satisfaction before making a general announcement.

What is a Patreon? Well, it’s like a Kickstarter Campaign, but instead of making one big contribution to fund one big project, you make a series of little contributions to keep me drawing comics on a monthly basis. Really, it’s like a tip jar for the cartoonist, and like a tip jar, you can give as much or as little as you like.

This video shot by my awesomely talented friend Milan Erceg lays out the details. You can watch it on the home page, or on YouTube:


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The Sculptor by Scott McCloud.

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RIP, Leonard Nimoy:

Caricature from The New York Observer, year unknown

Caricature from The New York Observer, year unknown

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Constantine’s Sword
with James Carroll

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There’s No Wrong Way To Color Snow Angel


Here are some random frames from a copy of SNOW ANGEL’S COMICS CONVENTION COLORING BOOK that I left open for people to color at my table at Wizard World Portland:


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Funny Girl: A Novel
by Nick Hornby

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Hasta La Vista, Kitzhaber:

Caricature for the Portland Tribune, 2001

Caricature for the Portland Tribune, 2001

David Chelsea is listening to: The Cuckoo’s Calling
by Robert Galbraith



Big news for fans of my 24 hour comics (in case you don’t already know, I am the World Record Holder in meeting the challenge devised by Scott McCloud, to produce an entire 24 page comic book in a single day– I have done 16 of these one-day epics so far). Plans are in the works for a second collection, titled SLEEPLESS AND OTHER STORIES: DAVID CHELSEA’S 24-HOUR COMICS, VOL. 2, to be published next year by Dark Horse (the first Dark Horse collection, EVERYBODY GETS IT WRONG! AND OTHER STORIES: DAVID CHELSEA’S 24-HOUR COMICS, VOL. 1, came out in 2013).

David Chelsea is reading: It Never Happened Again: Two Stories
by Sam Alden

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Coming To Wizard World: Clash of the Titans 2!


I had a grand time at the Titans Of Independent Comics panel at Wizard World last year, and I am delighted that panel host Danny Fingeroth has invited me back for a repeat performance:

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The Casual Vacancy (Unabridged)
by J. K. Rowling

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Still Coming In January: Snow Angel’s Comics Convention Coloring Book

I recently posted about this minicomic, which I will premiere this month at Wizard World Portland. Here’s the cover:


Not to give too much away, but this story involves Snow Angel (in her everyday guise of a little girl named Angel) and her brother Aidan bringing a Snow Angel comic book to their local comics convention. I am indebted to the very gifted Jacob Mercy for drawing the cover of this comic-within-a-comic:


Feel free to add color to this image! And see you on January 23-25!

Dream A Little Dream Of God


Let’s ring in the New Year with a musical video selection from my son Ben, a musical mashup of the Beach Boys song God Only Knows with Mama Cass Elliot’s version of Dream A Little Dream Of Me. Ben has a musical intelligence that can find common ground in two familiar songs that seem worlds apart, and I don’t think I’ll ever hear these two the same way again. Ben has taken time out of his busy schedule of preparing college application to create this video to go with his remix; I particularly like the montage of lead singer Carl Wilson growing grizzled with the years (Mama Cass did not get to grow grizzled, alas- she died only six years after recording Dream A Little Dream Of Me).

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