Coming To Wizard World: Clash of the Titans 2!


I had a grand time at the Titans Of Independent Comics panel at Wizard World last year, and I am delighted that panel host Danny Fingeroth has invited me back for a repeat performance:

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Still Coming In January: Snow Angel’s Comics Convention Coloring Book

I recently posted about this minicomic, which I will premiere this month at Wizard World Portland. Here’s the cover:


Not to give too much away, but this story involves Snow Angel (in her everyday guise of a little girl named Angel) and her brother Aidan bringing a Snow Angel comic book to their local comics convention. I am indebted to the very gifted Jacob Mercy for drawing the cover of this comic-within-a-comic:


Feel free to add color to this image! And see you on January 23-25!

Dream A Little Dream Of God


Let’s ring in the New Year with a musical video selection from my son Ben, a musical mashup of the Beach Boys song God Only Knows with Mama Cass Elliot’s version of Dream A Little Dream Of Me. Ben has a musical intelligence that can find common ground in two familiar songs that seem worlds apart, and I don’t think I’ll ever hear these two the same way again. Ben has taken time out of his busy schedule of preparing college application to create this video to go with his remix; I particularly like the montage of lead singer Carl Wilson growing grizzled with the years (Mama Cass did not get to grow grizzled, alas- she died only six years after recording Dream A Little Dream Of Me).

Coming In January: Snow Angel Goes To Wizard World


I will be making my first comics convention appearance of 2015, and my second annual appearance at Wizard World Portland this January 23-25. I had a fine time at Wizard World last year, and this year I’m bringing something special for the fans– a new minicomic featuring Snow Angel, in which, fittingly enough, she and her brother Aidan go to a comics convention. (In the panel below, Snow Angel is in her off-duty guise of a little girl named Angel. Her brother Aidan is in costume as Snow Angel, however, for complicated reasons. Not to worry; the real Snow Angel shows up eventually.)


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Snow Angel For Halloween!


First off, we are talking about NEXT Halloween. I have just had my second Snow Angel story accepted by DARK HORSE PRESENTS, which is set to appear in the October 2015 issue.

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Work In Progress: The Men Of SANDY & MANDY


SANDY & MANDY, the story I drew as an upcoming series for DARK HORSE PRESENTS, was designed specifically to pass The Bechdel Test, cartoonist and MacArthur Genius Grant recipient Alison Bechdel’s set of rules for determining if a story is sexist or not. To wit:

1. It has to have at least two women in it,
2. Who talk to each other,
3. About something other than a man.

Some people amend the rules to require that both women have names.

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Another Batch Of Funny Facebook Posts


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Work In Progress: From CANDY & MANDY To SANDY & MANDY


I recently wrapped up work on SANDY & MANDY, an upcoming story for DARK HORSE PRESENTS, so here are some more preview images from it. The sequence of panels below shows my working method, from sketchbook rough to pencil to inks to watercolor to the final assembled frame:




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RIP, Lauren Bacall

Caricature from the New York Observer

Caricature from the New York Observer

RIP, Robin Williams

MRS. DOUBTFIRE illustration from the New York Press, 1993

MRS. DOUBTFIRE illustration from the New York Press, 1993

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