Primoz Remembered

Libby Shapiro Brooklyn, NY introduced me to the photographer Primoz Kotnik. She responds to Wednesday’s post about him:

“Oh it’s great to see this David!!! What a great picture and what cool stories. I didn’t know about the bathtub- ooooeeeeeee-

I will send this on to friends here and in Germany who also knew and loved Primoz. It’s been years since he died and yet it really feels like he is not far away.

I miss him, he was a real great pal and uniquely faboo at cooking up fun stuff! As well as being such an amazing photographer.

When we met Primoz, he was considered a Yugoslav- born in Slovenia. At the time of his death, everything was just starting to fall apart there.

He was killed while driving his VW van on a three-lane highway on Long Island, coming back from the beach on a Sunday in June with a new friend / kind of a date- a drunk driver plowed into them head-on driving the wrong direction on the road. We couldn’t believe it.

Since you’re posting this, can you let people know that for safer driving that besides avoiding drinking and driving it’s best to avoid phoning and driving too? Research is apparently showing that driving while telephoning (whether hand-held or hands-free) makes you four times more likely to crash.”

By the way, for all of you who have asked how the leg is doing, as of two days ago I’ve got the doctor’s OK to do 100% weight bearing, so I’m off the boot and off the walker and (gingerly) walking with a cane. This is a big improvement, and best of all is no longer having to scoot up three flights of stairs to the studio on my butt.