Countdown To 24 Hour Comic Day

This  year’s Portland event is at the Backspace, and as usual l will be there, though this year I’m somewhat wussing out- instead of drawing a 24 Hour Comic I’ll spend the time catching up on inking pages from my perspective book. It used to annoy me mightily when other artists would work on not-24 projects at 24 Hour Comic events at my house- it felt like they weren’t bringing their A game- but what goes around comes around.

Tho Portland Mercury has a piece about the upcoming event by staff writer Matt Stangel in this week’s paper. As the current record holder, with eleven 24 Comics under my belt, l am quoted extensively, dispensing trenchant advice like “Don’t drink beer”.  The Mercury has also posted a page from one of my 24 Comics, Bingo The Cat, on their blog.


24 Hour Comics Challenge

115 NW 5th, Sat Oct 3,
10 am, BYO art supplies if you want to participate