Sorry I Haven’t Written

Hello, illustration fans. Happy Valentine’s Day, Presidents Day and Chinese New Year. l know it has been many months since my last blog post, but I have an excellent excuse- I was deep in work on my new book Extreme Perspective! Curvilinear And Beyond, trying to make a January deadline (which I only missed by a month) and far too distracted to write anything longer than than a Facebook status update. Well, the long slog is over- not that the book is FINISHED exactly; I still have chapter introductions to write, but the intensive part is past, and am finally able to take my first day off since Thanksgiving. Time to get around to things I’ve neglected, like folding laundry. Maybe I’ll even get a haircut this week, so I won’t look so much like Severus Snape. I promise to return to a more frequent schedule of posts soon- in the meantime here’s another preview panel from the new book: