Letters To Amy, Part Two

Here are more decorated envelopes sent to my friend Amy Schoppert over the years. In addition to the usual raunchy nudes and portraits of movie stars (Buster Keaton) and friends (manic East Village poet Matthew Courtney) this batch includes some pieces that push the envelope of what can be sent through the mail, like the round envelope up top and another on sandpaper (I remember it wasn’t easy to get the stamp to stick to that one).

The photo collage is in 3-D- just cross your eyes until the duplicate images fuse.

Sometimes one doesn’t have time to draw something from scratch: here I pasted in an early sketchbook version of a scene from my first book David Chelsea In Love.

This 6 inch wide envelope contains a bumper crop of tiny penciled faces. No need to guess at the date- the enlarged detail below shows 1980 Presidential candidates Ronald Reagan, Jimmy Carter and third party guy John Anderson.