Cartoonists On Radio 6

Continuing the media juggernaut for my new book Extreme Perspective! For Artists: Learn the Secrets of Curvilinear, Cylindrical, Fisheye, Isometric, and Other Amazing Systems that Will Make Your Drawings Pop Off the Page, I’ll be making my second appearance of the week on local radio station KBOO-FM 90.7, chatting with Words And Pictures host SW Conser. I’ll let Conch tell it:

Comics artist, illustrator, voice actor, and bon vivant David Chelsea pays a return visit to Words & Pictures this Thursday morning (March 10th) from 11:30am to noon PST on KBOO. Tune in as we tour David’s Portland studio and follow the twists and turns of a thirty-year career in the lively arts.

David’s new book and DVD set Extreme Perspective! For Artists has just been published by Watson-Guptill. Years in the making, the book features surprising tips and entertaining background history about the role of perspective in art, and the DVD includes resources useful to both mainstream and experimental cartoonists.

Words & Pictures airs the second Thursday of each month on KBOO Community Radio, 90.7fm. KBOO’s real-time webstream is available at via iTunes or Abacast. More info and links to recent webcasts can be found at

Special thanks to Emily Young for editing this month’s show!

— Conch