joins Team Chelsea

Having a website of my very own has been fun so far, but it is time I put it to work. A friend mentioned that his software site brings in considerable revenue through Amazon Associates, a program that pays him a percentage of sales (between 4 and 15% depending on category) that result from links from his site to, and I have decided to follow suit. This move is long overdue, since I have already been providing links to Amazon for years free of charge.

First up, here are links to my new book Extreme Perspective! and its predecessor Perspective!. I get royalties from Amazon sales already (though less than from copies sold in bookstores), but more wouldn’t hurt.

My two graphic novels, David Chelsea In Love and Welcome To The Zone, are both out of print but still available in used or remaindered copies on Amazon. Jeff Bezos makes money from these transactions- why not me?

Likewise for the many anthologies for which I drew short comics pieces. Since all of these books were either for charity, projects which paid a straight fee, or low-selling independent titles, l have not earned royalties from most of them- until now!

lt is not just my own books that can earn me $$ through Amazon Associates. Might I recommend some books that I have read recently, or am currently reading? Adrian Tomine’s graphic novel about planning his wedding is a fun, quick read. Posy Simmonds’s comics remake of Madame Bovary is more substantial. I very much enjoyed What I Loved, a novel by Siri Hustvedt about the loose lives of New York bohemians, and Game Change, a behind-the-scenes look at the last Presidential election (soon to be a movie with Julianne Moore as Sarah Palin). Right now I’m reading The Canfield Decision, a 1976 political thriller by former Vice-President Spiro Agnew (did I mention I like political books?) I work a lot to audiobooks; the one I’m currently listening to is Globish by Robert McCrum and I plan to follow it with Barack Obama’s memoir Dreams From My Father.

Amazon also sells CDs. The one I woke my family with this morning was Ingrid Michaelson’s Be OK. What’s in the CD drive in the Prius? XO by Elliott Smith, one disc from a Greatet Hits Collection by Yorkshire comedian and ukulele wizard George Formby, Phoebe Snow’s first record, a disc from the Have A Nice Day Rhino series, and disc three of ELO Flashback.

Here’s what my family has out from Netflix right now: A Beautiful Mind, Season Four of Big Love, and Season Seven of Curb Your Enthusiasm. We have also been watching Series Four of Doctor Who (the one with David Tennant and Catherine Tate) on Netflix streaming and a library copy of Wonderfalls, a charming but short-lived TV series about a possibly insane woman who hears the animal figurines she sells at the gift shop at Niagra Falls talking to her. One viewing is enough for my family for most of these, but I think you’ll want to own all of them on DVD.

I have only scratched the surface of what Amazon sells. How about board games? Since it rained at the beach last week, we spent a lot of time indoors playing Settlers Of Catan….

Lastly, I give props to my siblings. My sister Anny’s CD Tangle-Free World has some catchy tunes and a fine watercolor cover by yours truly. My other sister Teresa’s picture book The Fourth Little Pig has an empowering message for little girls expressed in faultless rhymed tetrameter.

Even if you decide not to take my recommendations, you might consider making your permanent Amazon portal. The beauty part of Amazon Associates is that I get the kickback from whatever you buy on Amazon from printer ink to major electronics provided you get there first by clicking a link on my site. All monies collected go into the family budget, otherwise known as The Feed And Clothe Ben And Rebecca Fund.