Portland Pink

Today the cherry blossoms are out at my house, and it seems an appropriate moment to share the fruits of my latest side project. Regular readers will remember my series of minty green house photographs posted daily on Facebook. I wound up that project last November after posting one hundred images, but I didn’t stop taking pictures of houses. Instead I began began looking for houses of a different color at the request of my cousin Sophia Sherman, who lives in Washington DC and who really has a thing for pink.

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Pink houses are not as easy to find in Portland as minty green, but through diligently combing the side streets I have managed to photograph fifty or so, posting the images to Sophia’s Facebook page as I find them. l have just posted ten of my favorites to Flickr, starting here.

Naturally in the course of looking for pink houses I also run across a lot of minty green houses, and sometimes I can’t resist photographing a particularly good example:

Cousin Sophia plans to visit Portland next week, and I expect we’ll find time go out looking for pink houses together.

Want more? Here’s a recent New York Times article on pink buildings in New York City.