Stumptown Preview #2: Envelopes

I’ll be selling copies of all my books at Stumptown this weekend, including the new one, Extreme Perspective! For Artists: Learn the Secrets of Curvilinear, Cylindrical, Fisheye, Isometric, and Other Amazing Systems that Will Make Your Drawings Pop Off the Page. And just like last year I will be selling copies of decorated envelopes I’ve sent to various correspondents over the years, with the original addresses digitally erased and the stamps pixellated, so that you can send them to your own pen pals.

I still have copies of the Jodie Foster image above left over from last year. I also have copies of the Carol Kane and Richard Nixon ones. The Peter Cook and Dudley Moore piece was a surprisingly strong seller so I will probably reprint it.

I’ve added some other examples to the collection since last year; below are some of the ones I’m thinking of including.

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