Letters To Steve

Another of my far-flung correspondents has sent me a batch of decorated envelopes. I met Steven Abrams when he was an intern at my first publisher, Eclipse Comics. Later Steve was my assistant on Welcome To the Zone, and now he works for the Jimmy Kimmel Live show in Los Angeles.

Steven Abrams with other Jimmy Kimmel staffers
Steven Abrams with other Jimmy Kimmel staffers

David Chelsea is reading
“The Book Of Dreams”
by Federico Fellini

Unlike the letters to Geoff and Amy, which go all the way back to the 70s, these are all recent, as can be seen from the Liberty Bell “forever” stamps. Many of them are drawn over the computer-generated perspective grids included in my new book Extreme Perspective!

There are a fair number of nudes, tasteful and not, included in the selection. The reclining nude is a colored version of this camera lucida drawing (click here for my blog post about the camera lucida). The bondage-themed nude is a frame from my upcoming comic The Girl With The Keyhole Eyes.

Steve is an artist himself, and every once in a while he reciprocates by sending a decorated envelope of his own: