Dark Horse Presents #2

2 frames from Snow Angel
2 frames from Snow Angel

It is Wednesday, June 22, and time for you to trot, gallop or canter down to your local comics shop to pick up a copy of Dark Horse Presents #2, the comics anthology which contains the second installment of my serial “Snow Angel” as well as the following features…
Sanford Greene and Chuck Brown: “Rotten Apple” Part 1
Robert Love and David Walker: “Number 13″ Chapter 1
Neal Adams: “Blood” Part 2
Howard Chaykin: “Marked Man” Part 2
Paul Chadwick: “Concrete: In a Wound in the Earth”
Carla Speed McNeil: “Finder: Third World” Part 2
Richard Corben: “Murky World” Part 2
Michael T. Gilbert: “Mr. Monster vs. Oooak!” Part 2
Patrick Alexander: “The Wraith”

David Chelsea is listening to:
I Think I Love You
by Allison Pearson

A digital version will be available next month. You can download the digital version of issue #1 here.

The art for Snow Angel was colored using a combination of watercolor and Copic airbrush. Rather than using plastic frisket, I cut masks using yellow Post-it Notes.

The final installment of “Snow Angel” will appear in Dark Horse #3 this August.

airbrushed panel with Post-it Note frisket
airbrushed panel with Post-it Note frisket
Finished panel
Finished panel