24 Hour Comic Day In Eugene

24 Hour Comic Day is coming around again this Saturday, and since there is no Portland event this year, I have accepted an invitation to draw my lucky thirteenth 24 hour comic at Downtown Initiative For The Visual Arts (DIVA) in Eugene, Oregon. I’ll let their press release tell it:

David Chelsea is reading:
God, No!
by Penn Gillette

Get out your coffee: Local artists who want to test their creativity and push their artistic limits are invited to the Downtown Initiative for the Visual Arts for this year’s 24-Hour Comics Day. The day of extreme cartooning allows 24 straight hours for amateur and professional cartoonists of any age to challenge themselves to write, draw, and letter an entire 24-page comic. This year’s 24 Hour Comics Day starts at DIVA, October 1 at 12 p.m.

Creating comic art can be lonely work; 24-Hour Comics Day provides an opportunity to stretch creative muscles and get invigorated by working along side a group of fellow artists. Portland artist David Chelsea, a record holder for 24 Hour Comics, will be participating, and is featured in DIVA’s October Exhibit. Ken O’Connell, local sketchbook artist-instructor and Professor Emeritus is also excited to be part of the event.

This year’s 24 Hour Comic’s Day will be held at the Downtown Initiative for the Visual Arts. Imagination International will be sponsoring the event. ComicsPRO, the comic book retailer trade association organizes the day for comic stores and other locations.

The event is about sharing the love of comic-book creation, and it draws young and old, experienced and novice. Don’t let a lack of experience or materials keep you away – previous participants have been as young as 7, and have use supplies ranging from a box of Crayolas to top-of-the-line drawing pencils. “Celebrity” 24 Hour Comic book creators include Neil Gaiman (“Sandman”), Erik Larson (“Savage Dragon”), Steve Bissette (“Swamp Thing”) and 24 Hour Comics inventor, Scott McCloud (“Understanding Comics”).

While it’s free to participate, pre-registration is required to guarantee a spot as space is limited at DIVA.

In 2010, more than 2,000 professional and amateur cartoonists around the world took the 24 Hour Comics Day Challenge.

Artists who complete the challenge may submit copies of their comics to be included in the official 24 Hour Comics Collection hosted by the Ohio State University Billy Ireland Cartoon Museum & Library.

For more information about the event, visit DIVA’s online by clicking here, or the 24-Hour Comics Day website.

24 Hour Comic Day
Saturday October 1, 2011
12 pm on
DIVA Downtown Initiative for the Visual Arts
280 West Broadway, Eugene, OR
(541) 344-3482