Drawing To A Close: The Survey Balloting Ends On August 4th!

Emulating provocateur artists Komar and Melamid, I am taking my cues from the great reading public in crafting my latest comics project. From 1994-1997, Komar and Melamid worked on the series, People’s Choice, whereby they created the “most wanted” and “least wanted” paintings of various countries based on the results of surveys conducted by professional polling companies. Their book, Painting by Numbers: Komar & Melamid’s Scientific Guide to Art, published in 1997, explains the statistical underpinnings of the polling process and provides the results of each country’s preferences. Doing likewise, I have been polling comics readers to ask what kind of comics stories they most want to see, in which style, even down to details of lettering and coloring technique. Based on their answers, I will produce two stories- one, assembled from elements that respondents say they most want to see, the other featuring the qualities they least want to see. The Survey period is drawing to a close; I will be taking it down after this Friday, August 4th.

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