24 Hour Comic Day 2012

Announcement: Here’s where I’ll be all day this coming Saturday- drawing my FOURTEENTH 24 Hour Comic at the University of Oregon in Eugene. Here’s the press release:

David Chelsea is listening to:
Speedbumps: Flooring It Through Hollywood
by Teri Garr

“Be a Comic Artist for 24 Hours on Saturday October 20, 2012 at 930am to 930am Sunday October 21.

Where: University of Oregon, Art Department, room 141 Lawrence Hall (classroom in the NW corner off Lawrence Hall courtyard). Register to participate at the Art Department office at 198 Lawrence Hall and then receive a special “24 Hour Comic Survival Kit.” It is full of ideas and instructions on how to approach your 24 hours as a comic artist.

The day of Extreme cartooning allows 24 straight hours for amateur and professional cartoonists of any age to challenge themselves to write, draw, ink, and letter an entire 24 page comic in 24 hours.

Special guest comic artist, David Chelsea, will be participating in the Eugene event. David holds the world record for the most number of 24 Comic events that he has participated in. Dark Horse Comics is publishing “Snow Angel” by David, which he created during one of his 24 Hour Comic Challenges. David is an illustrator, cartoonist and the author of over 4 graphic books on comics.

The University of Oregon has just started a Comics Studies Minor this fall and they along with the Art Department and the Duck Store are sponsors of this event that is open to the public

Last year more than 2,000 professional and amateur cartoonists around the world took the 24-hour Comics Day Challenge.

For further information contact Ken O’Connell or register at the University of Oregon Art Department office. After registering you will be given a Survival Kit to help you plan your participation in the event.

This event is sponsored by the UO Comics Studies Minor, Imagination International, Inc. (Importer of Copic Markers), DIVA, and the U of O Art Department.

Other information can be found at www.24hourcomicsday.com. If you have any question, please contact Ken O’Connell, oconnell@uoregon.edu 541.953.0190”

I’m not sure at this point what I’ll be drawing, but I’ll post about it once I’m done. Meanwhile, here are some posts about previous 24 Hour comics: