The plans for this one have been in the works for some months, but seeing it up on Amazon and elsewhere makes it seem real: EVERYBODY GETS IT WRONG! AND OTHER STORIES, the new collection of my 24 Hour Comics from Dark Horse, is coming out this June. Here’s copy from the website:

David Chelsea is reading:
Family Britain, 1951-1957
by David Kynaston

“A spokesman for and frequent participant in 24-Hour Comic events held around the world, acclaimed graphic novelist David Chelsea’s first six 24-hour comics are collected into one volume! Following rules devised by comics legend Scott McCloud (“Understanding Comics”), Chelsea delivers six inspired improvisations – each drawn in a single day! This first collection finds Bingo the Cat stepping through a looking glass and into a surreal adventure, the determined Harold climbing a clock tower to win a bet, two talking tomatoes hunting for fresh raspberries, witty pun play, hilarious literary allusions, fantastical free-association games, and more.”

The stories included in this book are:

THE HAROLD PROJECT, an  off-kilter interpretation of Harold Lloyd’s silent comedy Safety Last. 

AUGUST 29TH  2004, a suite of four shorter stories, including an adventure in which twin tomatoes Singar and Mingo tunnel to Australia. 

JESUSLAND, a religious satire with an all-animal cast.

EVERYBODY GETS IT WRONG!, an essay in comics form advancing the argument that  all  autobiographical comics should be drawn “subjective camera”- as if from the artist’s point of view.

BINGO THE CAT, a wordless adventure,


FROM AN INFINITE DISTANCE,  an  extremely random story concerning global  warming, a father-daughter reunion, and Dick Cheney’s hunting  accident, drawn on graph paper in vertical oblique projection. 

Thanks to my editor Philip Simon, and everyone at Dark Horse!

My drawing board after 24 Hour Comics session, 2006.
My drawing board after 24 Hour Comics session, 2006.

Everybody Gets It Wrong! And Other Stories: David Chelsea’s 24-hour Comics Volume 1 HC

Written By: David Chelsea

Art By: David Chelsea

Cover By: David Chelsea

152 pages, black and white, $14.99, in stores on June 5.