Perspective Police! At Stumptown

The Many Moods Of David Chelsea At Stumptowns Past
The Many Moods Of David Chelsea At Stumptowns Past

This year at Stumptown Comics Fest I’ll be presenting something new. Rather than the tried-and-true perspective drawing grid slideshow and demonstration that I have presented two years running, I am doing a slide show version of my irregular blog feature Perspective Police! in which I analyze published drawings by artists like Joost Swarte, Ivan Brunetti, and Alison Bechdel, and propose revisions to better bring them in line with perspective. Not that I am free from error myself; one of the images I police is an early illustration by a promising young artist named David Celsi.

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Most of the show will consist of images I’ve already covered in my blog posts, but here’s one that hasn’t been- a panel featuring stretchy superhero Plastic Man:


This is my first time doing this particular presentation, so I’m not exactly sure how long it will take, but if there’s time afterwards I’ll do a bit of perspective policing on pictures brought in by members of the audience. I’ll be at my table the rest of the weekend, signing copies of old books and the new SNOW ANGEL one-shot from Dark Horse. and if you haven’t done it yet, don’t forget to stop by my one-man show at Fotoeffect Gallery, which includes original art from SNOW ANGEL, THE GIRL WITH THE KEYHOLE EYES, and other recent comics.

Perspective Police! post revising Alison Bechdel

Perspective Police! post revising Ivan Brunetti

Perspective Police! post revising David Celsi

Perspective Police! post revising Joost Swarte

Perspective Police! Presentation by David Chelsea At 10th Annual Stumptown Comics Fest
Saturday, April 27 5-5:45pm Room B113 Oregon Convention Center

David Chelsea One-Man Show at Fotoeffect Gallery
625 NW Everett St, #107, Portland, OR, United States, 97209
Up through the month of April.