This Saturday: 24 Hour Comic #16 At Things From Another World




Come see me draw my SIXTEENTH 24 Hour Comic (a World Record until someone tells me different) this weekend. After jaunts to Eugene and New York, I’m back on home ground. The 24 Hour Comics – Portland Edition is taking place from 10:00am on Sat., May 18th to 10:00am on Sun., May 19th at Things From Another World (2916 NE Broadway St.).Things From Another World is easy to find if you know Portland- it’s just at the spot where you turn on Broadway to go to Fred Meyer’s.

David Chelsea is reading:
Life After Life: A Novel
by Kate Atkinson

I’ll be sharing spare with seven other talented artists; Paul (Boilerplate) Guinan , Pete Soloway, Jacob Mercy, Sera Stanton, Tom Lechner, Rachel Nabors, and my daughter Rebecca Celsi, who is taking on the 24 Hour challenge for the first time. Here’s copy from the TFAW blog:

Artists David Chelsea (Welcome To The Zone), Paul Guinan (Boilerplate), Pete Soloway (Pizza Gun), Jacob Mercy (Pizza Gun), Sera Stanton (Sera Stanton Illustration), Tom Lechner (Nightlife), Rebecca Celsi (Kelso’s Choices), and Rachel Nabors (18 Revolutions) will take on the challenge of creating an entire comic book in 24 hours at the 24 Hour Comics Portland Edition May 18 at the Portland TFAW — and you’re invited to come watch! The entire event will be filmed for an upcoming documentary by Milan Erceg.

24 Hour Comics is an event where illustrators and artists have 24 hours to create a comic, including the story, finished art, lettering, color, paste-up, and proofreading. The Portland Edition is part of a two week-long event called The Wild, a series of events that takes on the world of artists, makers, writers, and cultural iconoclasts who juice up Portland’s awesomeness. The Wild takes place May 11-25 and is sponsored by the Portland Mercury, WebVisions, and more!

The Portland TFAW will stay open the entire 24 hours to host this exciting event — which takes place from 10 am May 18 to 10 am May 19 — but will close the register to sales after 7 pm. Make sure to stop by to see comics created right before your eyes all night long!

TFAW blog page

24 Hour Comic Website


And don’t forget to pre-order the upcoming collection of my first six 24 Hour Comics, Everybody Gets it Wrong! and Other Stories: David Chelsea’s 24-Hour Comics Volume 1