Everybody Gets It Wrong Today!


The long wait is over! Today is the day you can walk into your local comics shop and buy my new collection, Everybody Gets It Wrong! And Other Stories: David Chelsea’s 24-Hour Comics #1 , published by the fine folks at Dark Horse. In the unlikely event that your local comics seller doesn’t carry the book, you can take your business online through Things From Another World or Amazon.com.

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As implied by the title, the book collects my first six (of sixteen so far) 24 Hour Comics in one volume. My tagline: Six Days In The Making- Just Like Creation!

The stories included in this book are:

THE HAROLD PROJECT, an off-kilter interpretation of Harold Lloyd’s silent comedy Safety Last.

AUGUST 29TH 2004, a suite of four shorter stories, including an adventure in which twin tomatoes Singar and Mingo tunnel to Australia.

JESUSLAND, a religious satire with an all-animal cast.

EVERYBODY GETS IT WRONG!, an essay in comics form advancing the argument that all autobiographical comics should be drawn “subjective camera”- as if from the artist’s point of view.

BINGO THE CAT, a wordless adventure,


FROM AN INFINITE DISTANCE, an extremely random story concerning global warming, a father-daughter reunion, and Dick Cheney’s hunting accident, drawn on graph paper in vertical oblique projection.


Thanks to my editor Philip Simon, and everyone at Dark Horse!

The reviews are in! Well, two of them, anyway- both favorable:

Henry Chamberlain at Comics Grinder.

Steve Paugh at Comics Bastards.

I’ll be posting quotes from these and any other reviews that appear soon. In the meantime, what are you waiting for? Those copies of Everybody Gets It Wrong! And Other Stories: David Chelsea’s 24-Hour Comics #1 won’t stay on the shelves long!