ALL DAY AND ALL OF THE NIGHT on Patreon- Plus Routine Mischief!


Today is the Second Thursday of the month, and time for me to post some comics from the archives to my Patreon page. This month I begin serializing ALL DAY AND ALL OF THE NIGHT, a 24 Hour Comic from 2013, which continues the story begun in ARE YOU BEING WATCHED? Having used up all his previous wishes, Mugg finds himself stuck on one last Reality TV show, in which the contestants compete to draw the best 24 Hour Comic. Naturally the program is hosted by the cartoonist who holds the record for the most completed 24 Hour Comics, David Chelsea:


David Chelsea is listening to:
Little Touch of Schmilsson in the Night
by Harry Nilsson

The session for this comic took place in May 2013 at the comics shop Things From Another World in Portland. Also present were cartoonists Paul Guinan, Sera Stanton, Tom Lechner, Jacob Mercy, Pete Soloway, Rachel Nabors, and Rebecca Celsi (my daughter, then in seventh grade). Paul’s comic was a sequel to his popular book about Boilerplate, a robot soldier:


Documentary filmmaker Milan Erceg filmed the entire proceedings for his upcoming feature about 24 Hour Comics. Just to add another layer of self-reference, I included a director character with a slight resemblance to Milan:



This story gives Mugg a chance to spend all day and all of the night with his not-so-secret love Mandy, who is part of the crew:


It also reunites Mandy with her best friend Sandy, from the upcoming Dark Horse Presents story, SANDY & MANDY (though they seem to have forgotten that they know each other). Unlike the story ARE YOU BEING WATCHED?, in which Mugg appears in every scene, this comic passes the Bechdel Test!:


Eventually, this story will become part of the revised webcomic ARE YOU BEING WATCHED?, which I’m serializing now on Patreon.

Also new on Patreon today: two more pages of the aforementioned webcomic version of ARE YOU BEING WATCHED?, which I have been serializing since June. In this one, Mugg returns from his adventure on AMERICA’S OUCHIEST ACCIDENTS! to find the devil engaged in some routine mischief:


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