Modern Love Podcast: “My First Lesson in Motherhood”


The New York Times Modern Love Podcast has been going for some months, but the first one featuring an illustration from the period when I illustrated the column is online today. In this week’s episode of the Modern Love Podcast, the actress Connie Britton (“Nashville,” “Friday Night Lights”) reads Elizabeth Fitzsimons’s 2007 essay, “My First Lesson in Motherhood,” about a woman’s almost immediate challenges with a daughter adopted from China.

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Connie Britton
Connie Britton

This illustration is a truncated version of my original idea. The editors had approved a sketch showing the woman holding a baby with a broken head, while on the table in front of her were three intact baby heads, with each neck having a screw-in end like a light bulb. However, when the editors saw the finish, they got cold feet, and told me to cut out the table. To my mind, that made the whole thing inexplicable- but one COULD argue that the mysteriously cracked baby head without the other heads for comparison makes for a nicely enigmatic image.