Wednesday Heads-up: SNOW ANGEL and Modern Love Podcast


It’s Wednesday, when new comics go on sale at all comic shops across America, and today is the first day that you can buy the newly published collection SNOW ANGEL from Dark Horse. This book includes the original 24-page Snow Angel story from Dark Horse Presents, the eight-page Halloween story that appeared in DHP last October, and five more stories that have not appeared in print before, as well as an introduction by my daughter Rebecca, the original inspiration for Snow Angel!

David Chelsea is reading: Creepy Archives Volume 13
by Bill Dubay and others





Also today, the second of my original Modern Love column illustrations from the New York Time appears in conjunction with the new Modern Love Podcast. In this week’s episode, the comedian and actress Sarah Silverman reads Angela Balcita’s 2006 essay, “Beneath the Modest Alter Ego, I See My Superhero,” about getting a kidney transplant from her boyfriend.

Oddly, a truncated version of the illustration appears on the Google search page for Modern Love Podcast, and in banners on the Modern Love website, but not on the podcast page itself. Here it is in full: