New On Patreon: Mugg’s A Winner, And The Secret Stash: Scribe Illustrations!


I haven’t been keeping up blog posts about it, but I have been posting regularly to my Patreon page each week. The story has progressed further on ARE YOU BEING WATCHED? Mugg’s latest Reality TV adventure takes place on the program Peewee Princesses, on which Mugg wins a million billion dollars in a toddler beauty pageant:

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by Kate Christensen


I won’t spoil the details for you, but Mugg finds the experience disappointing, and so he winds up back with the devil, asking for one more wish. It’s a biggie:


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Also this week on Patreon, I post more Secret Stash material, ten illustrations from my first regular professional gig, Portland’s underground paper the Scribe, along with my very amusing commentary. Attentive readers to this site will no doubt have seen my recent posts about UNDERGROUND USA, the symposium on the history of Portland’s underground papers, the Willamette Bridge and the Scribe.

Logo from Portland Scribe
Logo from Portland Scribe

It’s a mixed bag to be sure, but a fine beginning to my long, long career. Below is an early celebrity portrait of Bela Lugosi as Dracula:

Illustration by David Celsi, from Portland Scribe, circa 1974-1976
Illustration by David Celsi, from Portland Scribe, circa 1974-1976

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