ARE YOU BEING WATCHED?: Name That Character!

What's My Name?
What’s My Name?

As I mentioned in my last blog post, ARE YOU BEING WATCHED?, my serialized webcomic on Patreon, is taking a hiatus while I work up new pages. The next sequence will take place entirely at the taping of a Reality TV show on which contestants draw 24 Hour Comics. The host is World 24 Hour Comic record-holder David Chelsea (I just drew my 17th 24 Hour Comic, WIPER WOMAN, at Books With Pictures on October 1-2). Mugg, the protagonist of ARE YOU BEING WATCHED? is of course among the contestants, and his perennial crush Mandy is also on hand as a production assistant.

David Chelsea is listening to: Carrie & Lowell
by Sufjan Stevens

This sequence began life as a previous 24 Hour Comic, ALL DAY AND ALL OF THE NIGHT, which I drew in May 2013, and which has been serialized on Patreon as well. That comic reunited Mandy with her best friend Sandy, from the Dark Horse Presents story, SANDY & MANDY (though they seem to have forgotten that they know each other). Sandy appears as another contestant:


Which brings us to the rest of the contestants. I showed other participants in the 24 Hour challenge from time to time, but I had given little thought to them before I began drawing, and none of them made more than brief appearances, apart from Sun Luk Chow, a boy in a wheelchair who draws with a pencil between his teeth:

24 Hour Comic People, from ALL DAY AND ALL OF THE NIGHT
24 Hour Comic People, from ALL DAY AND ALL OF THE NIGHT

For the new version I want to do a bit better. Even though most of the characters besides Mugg and Sandy won’t do much besides appear in group shots, I would like to each of them to be a distinct character who looks consistent throughout. To that end, I’m working up model sheets and biographies for all of them. I would like to involve my Patreon sponsors in the process as well. This character below has a distinctive look and attitude. All he lacks is a name. I’ll let him tell it:

WHAT'S MY NAME? I won't ask again!
WHAT’S MY NAME? I won’t ask again!

“Hey there. I’m really stoked to be part of the 24 Hour Comic Challenge, especially because in these times of Social Justice Warriors and so-called diversity, my type of red-blooded White American male is a distinctly endangered species. As a red-pill incel, I’m tired of the influence that fake geek girl Anita Sarkesian and her feminazi thought police are having on the only true American art form. My creator, David (((Chelsea))), has named me “Toxx”, but he’s a beta cuck, what do YOU want to call me?”

I’m inviting name suggestions from all my Patreon sponsors. I’ll post them under the drawing as they come in, and have the sponsors vote on a winner. You can participate by going to my Patreon page and signing up as a patron, for as little a 99¢ a month. You’ll have the fun of helping name this and other characters in ARE YOU BEING WATCHED?, and the satisfaction of being a Patron of The Arts. One you’re signed in, here’s the link!