Wiper Woman: The Reveal


I didn’t post about it last week, but I have added two new installments of my recent 24 Hour Comic WIPER WOMAN to my Patreon page. Last week, we saw Wiper Woman in her secret identity as wealthy socialite Misty Arbogast-Glassner, and were introduced to two new characters: Police Chief O’Malley, and Misty’s husband Cyril:

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Starring Ryan Reynolds


This week, Misty is on her way to rescue kidnapped Police Commissioner Eudaly, driven by her faithful chauffeur Tyco, who seems not to have noticed before that his employer is really a crime-fighting superhero!


ARE YOU BEING WATCHED? is on hiatus while I serialize WIPER WOMAN, but I have not neglected the story. I have been doing model sheets for characters who will appear in the sequence to come, as well as inking random pages. I’ll post about that next.

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