Modern Love Podcast: Seeing the World Through My Mom’s Eyes

Modern Love Illustration for the New York Times.
Modern Love Illustration for the New York Times.

Another of my old illustrations just went up on the Modern Love Podcast website. On this week’s podcast, the actor David Oyelowo reads “Seeing the World Through My Wife’s Eyes,” about a man whose other senses become heightened after he loses sight, and whose spouse helps fill in the details he can’t discern.

The 2006 Modern Love essay was written by Ryan Knighton, an author whose work often describes his experience of blindness. You can follow him on Twitter.

Mr. Oyelowo recently starred in the film “A United Kingdom” and is known for his portrayal of the Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. in “Selma.”

David Chelsea is watching: The Scarecrow (Broadway Theater Archive)
Starring Gene Wilder

David Oyelowo
David Oyelowo

This illustration was particularly fun for me, because I got to cast my mother as the fading starry image of Knighton’s wife. I used one of my favorite photographs of her, taken in the early 1960s by graphic designer and family friend Joe Erceg (Joe is also the father of Milan Erceg, who directed the 24 HOUR COMIC documentary I was recently in- suffice it to say, Joe’s family and mine go way back).


Lolita Celsi, early 1960s. Photograph by Joe Erceg.
Lolita Celsi, early 1960s. Photograph by Joe Erceg.

l also used this photo as the basis for a decorated envelope sent to my mother when she was getting her ESL degree in Hawaii:


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