In the Studio Episode Four: Mild Qualms About WILD PALMS


On this week’s podcast, Jacob and David dissect the serialized graphic novel WILD PALMS, the basis for the TV miniseries of the same name, written by Bruce Wagner and illustrated by Julian Allen in the early 1990s. Other topics of discussion include the virtues of kneaded erasers, which writers outside of comics David would like to collaborate with, the virtues of piracetam versus DMT, the gross yet strangely elegant comics of National Lampoon contributor Charles Rodrigues, and the Grid Project, in which illustrator Julian Allen cut his life’s work up into little squares. It’s the lively discussion of comics you’ve come to expect, and so much more!

David Chelsea Is Reading: Ray and Joe: The Story Of A Man And His Dead Friend And Other Classic Comics
by Charles Rodrigues



Just kidding- it’s actually just the lively discussion of comics.



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Apologies for missing the ARE YOU BEING WATCHED? deadline for this week on Patreon. l will try to have four pages up next week in compensation.