Scott McCloud And Steve Bissette Make A Guest Appearance On ARE YOU BEING WATCHED?


While I have not been blogging about it every week, I have been plugging away at ARE YOU BEING WATCHED?, my webcomic about Reality TV, posting two pages most weeks on Patreon. In the most recent installment, we are into Hour Six of the 24 Hour Comic session which is being taped for a Reality TV program hosted by David Chelsea, famous cartoonist. David is being shown storyboards for a proposed animated opening to the program, which would tell the story of the invention of the 24 Hour Comic by Scott McCloud, inspired by his friend Steve Bissette:

David Chelsea is reading: Chicago
by Glenn Head


ARE YOU BEING WATCHED? is an all-digital project, with the art mostly drawn in Photoshop, while layouts and balloons are done in InDesign. However, I was going for a change of style in this sequence, more of a Chris Ware/Ivan Brunetti round-headed cartoony look, and I decided the best way to achieve that was to work in Adobe Illustrator. The IN THE STUDIO podcast with Jacob Mercy that I blogged about last week goes into the difference between the raster-based application Photoshop and the vector-based Illustrator. Rather than drawing the panels freehand, I instead assembled the scenes and characters out of geometric shapes. Below, I show all the components that make up one of the characters in the story, along with the completed panel in which he appears:

Adobe Illustrator character components
Adobe Illustrator character components
Final panel
Final panel

I’ll be posting a fuller work-in-progress sequence of work on Illustrator on Patreon next week.

Meanwhile, I have been continuing to post the occasional End Strip on Patreon as well. This strip features Hestia, the most inert of the Olympian Gods:


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