24 Hour Comic: The Movie Premiere!

The Laurelhurst Theater
The Laurelhurst Theater

I believe I have mentioned this before, but 24 Hour Comic, the documentary in which I appear, along with seven other cartoonists, is about to have its Portland theatrical premiere. In the film, 8 Artists confined to a comic book store partake in Scott McCloud’s 24 Hour Comic Challenge. Each attempting to write, draw, and complete a 24 page comic in 24 hours. The film is the debut feature from filmmaker Milan Erceg, and features, among others, Paul Guinan, Rachel Nabors, Sera Stanton (now known as Opal Pence), Jacob Mercy, Pete Soloway, and Tom Lechner, and also has some delightful footage of my daughter Rebecca at 13, making her first attempt at a 24. Special guest appearance by comics guru Scott McCloud!

David Chelsea is reading: Fante Bukowski Two
by Noah Van Sciver

Milan Erceg and The Artist Formerly Known As Sera Stanton
Milan Erceg and The Artist Formerly Known As Sera Stanton

There will be two screenings at Portland’s historic Laurelhurst Theater: Thursday, July 6th at 7:00pm, and an all-ages matinee on Friday, July 7th at 4pm. Most of the artists including myself will appear at the first screening, with the exception of Rebecca, who can’t get in thanks to the Laurelhurst’s liquor license. We’re seeing if we can Skype her in.

The film recently got this on-the-whole-positive review from the website Comics Worth Reading.


Meanwhile, on my Patreon page, the Reality TV show on my continuing web comic ARE YOU BEING WATCHED? is building to a thrilling climax. One of two 24 Hour cartoonists are about to be eliminated: either our hero Mugg, or differently-abled middle schooler Sun Luk Chow. Who will live to draw another day?


I have also posted another six installments of the late 80’s weekly strip version of my graphic memoir DAVID CHELSEA IN LOVE on Patreon. This episode takes my then-girlfriend Minnie (with pals Vera and Dietrich) on a trip across the USA:


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