I have been posting a lot lately about 24 HOUR COMIC, the new documentary in which I appear, as well as my recently concluded webcomic ARE YOU BEING WATCHED? However, I have another big project this summer, my latest instructional book PERSPECTIVE IN ACTION, which you can buy from using the link below:

The reviews have been coming in, and this one by David Brooke at the comics site Adventures In Poor Taste is especially complementary. Here is a taste:

I really don’t know how this could be any better unless it came with paper and pencils.


Check out also this review on Little Lady Plays.

And this one from Blogging For Books.

Also, yesterday I spoke about PERSPECTIVE IN ACTION with host S. W. Conser on KB00-FM’s long-running show about comics, Words And Pictures. Also on the program was virtual reality artist Jeremy Rotsztain, and we engaged in a fascinating (to me) discussion about immersive images and spatial representation. If you missed the program,it is archived here.

Meanwhile, in 24 HR Comic Movie news, I will be at the Release Meet & Greet Celebration tomorrow Saturday, July 15 at Wild Things Games 241 Commercial St NE, in Salem, Oregon from 10:30 AM to 8:30 PM. Here is the schedule:

10:30am – 11am – Late bird gets the free doughnut & coffee!
Free donut & coffee (while supplies last)
Meet and greet + autographs with David Chelsea, Jacob Mercy, Pete Soloway

11:30am-5pm – Test your endurance for the big one
5 hr mini 4pg 24 hr contest (iTunes download entrance fee) 1st 2nd 3rd prizes
(judged – winners get on film’s website)
Introduction and tips from David Chelsea

1:30pm – 2:30pm – The nuts & bolts behind “Boilerplate”
Paul Guinan – Exclusive tricks of the trade & the history of “Boilerplate” viral phenomenon, w Q&A

3pm – 4:30pm – Show us your skills & make a cover page
24 hr comic cover 1 winner/prize (judged, winner posted on film’s website) – (iTunes download entrance fee)

5pm – 6:30pm – Dream of making a film and get it distributed with just pocket change?
Filmmaker’s corner – Hear how this low budget doc came to be. See the homemade dolly made for $60 and how it was done.
Hear about the process all the way to distribution. w Q&A

6:30 – 8:30 – Artist and filmmaker hangout
general autographs & meet and greet

Appearances from artists from the film including David Chelsea, 24 hour comic champ and author of “Perspective! For Comic Book Artists”, and many other titles, Paul Guinan, creator of “Boilerplate”, Jacob Mercy and Pete Soloway with PizzaGun Comics, and Rebecca Celsi, the youngest participant in the film, age 13 at the time of shooting. In addition, zine extraordinaire Tom Lechner and other special guests.

Prizes may include, but aren’t limited to, cash prizes, gift certificates and artists works.

** all iTunes downloads get a signed 24 hour comic from an artist
** all iTunes downloads get a copy of the DVD

I know it’s short notice, but if you’re in the Salem area tomorrow, I hope to see you there!