Modern Love Podcast: Kyra Sedgwick Reads ‘Our Joy Knows No Bounds, or Lanes’


The Modern Love Podcast has recycled another of my illustrations from the New York Times column. On this week’s podcast, the actress Kyra Sedgwick reads Ellen Graf’s essay “Our Joy Knows No Bounds, or Lanes,” about a love that transcends language and bad driving.

Ms. Graf is a writer and sculptor who lives in upstate New York. Stay tuned after the reading for a catchup with her and reflections from the Modern Love editor Daniel Jones.

Ms. Sedgwick stars in the new ABC series “Ten Days in the Valley” and the film “After Darkness.” If you can’t quite place her, she’s the actress married to Kevin Bacon.

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Kyra Sedgwick
Kyra Sedgwick

I don’t remember much about doing the illustration, which originally appeared in 2007, but I am proud of the perspective on the road texture.