End Strips: The Definitive Catalogue


This week I posted my 100th End Strip on Patreon (actually, 102nd- I mistakenly gave a couple of strips the same numbers). End Strips are short comics drawn in a vertical format on random strips of paper, usually ones trimmed from larger sheets by my daughter Rebecca for some school project or another. These have tended to fall into a few main groups: drawings of celebrities from my various clippings folders:

David Chelsea is watching: Alien
starring Sigourney Weaver.


(These came from my ST folder: from the top, Richard Strauss, Lena Stolze, Adlai Stevenson, Rod Steiger, Jean Stapleton, Woody Strode).

short strips featuring my characters Sandy & Mandy:


drawings of Facebook friends who share the same first name, rhyming song lyrics that happen to have an anapest meter:


nude figure studies drawn from the YouTube series Croquis Cafe:

joecroquisand clerihews- short comic poems about famous people with my caricature illustrations:

spumoniThere have been occasional one-offs as well, like this screed about David Lynch’s 1990s comic strip THE ANGRIEST DOG IN THE WORLD:


For my hundredth strip, I decided to go with something new, a pairing of some killer palindromes written by my son Ben with my illustrations.  Since Ben has written a lot more of these, this promises to become another series:

potpourriPatreon does not make it easy to click through and read the End Strips as a series, because they are interspersed with the other stuff I have posted. Just to be nice, I have painstakingly assembled all the links to all the strips posted so far in one place. You’re welcome:

End Strip #1: Random Portraits From My GU Folder

End Strips #2: Random Portraits From My SA Folder

End Strips # 3: Agnewanagrams

End Strips #4: Random Portraits From My KR Folder

End Strips #5: Croquis Cafe

End Strips #6: Random Portraits From My FE Folder

End Strips #7: Agnewanagrams

End Strips #8: Anapest Mashup

End Strips #9: Croquis Cafe

End Strips #10: Anapest Mashup



End Strips #74: Random Doodles Drawn From My Facebook Feed

End Strips #75: Random Portraits From My ME Folder

End Strips #76: Anapest Mashup


End Strips # 80: Croquis Cafe # 247

End Strips # 81: Anapest Mashup

Also this week: two new pages of my 24 Hour Comic THE CRUMB BUMS, a story of a 1960s rock group. In this installment Skins the drummer snip about a dream he had:

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