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I haven’t posted about my Patreon page since I posted my one hundredth End Strip a few weeks ago, but I’ve been steadily adding material. After I finished up the 24 Hour Comic THE CRUMB BUMS, I serialized my rhyming parody of a Jack Chick comic from 2011, Chastity Blasé, in two parts. Just this once, I turned the drawing duties over to the talented Chad Essley:

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by Kurt Andersen


I reverse the usual Jack Chick trajectory of a heedless sinner dying only to discover the hell they scoffed at is real, by having a Christine O’Donnell-type chastity lecturer who has just died in a sudden accident meet Jesus, who tells her the afterlife doesn’t exist and that her years of celibacy have been wasted. To make things more fun, all dialogue is in rhymed tetrameter: “You’re not going to Heaven- it doesn’t exist./ But then neither does Hell.” “I am royally pissed!”.


My one hundredth End Strip was a short stack of palindromes devised by my son Ben, and since then I’ve posted several more, including this Presidential summit:



But it hasn’t been all palindromes. Here is a little strip based on figure poses from the YouTube series Croquis Cafe:


I’ve also posted a couple of strips drawn on library call slips. This one reviews a DVD of RuPaul Drag Race, Season Five:


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