Round Black Glasses On Tumblr!



For anyone who wants to read my latest 24 Hour Comic straight through, I’ve posted a new, navigable version of ROUND BLACK GLASSES on Tumblr.

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ROUND BLACK GLASSES tells the history of my eyesight and the various pairs of glasses I have used to correct it, culminating in my discovery of the perfect set of round black frames, and continues with a general meditation on the semiotics of round black glasses and the various fictional and real-life figures who wear them. I drew it on 24 Hour Comic Day 2017 between 9 am Saturday October 7th, and 9 am Sunday October 8th, at the Enthusiasm Collective in Portland, OR. Since I fell behind on the schedule and only completed 17 pages, I drew seven more pages in December to finish out the story. This was my first ever digital 24 Hour comic, drawn and colored in Photoshop and laid out and lettered in Adobe Indesign. Featuring guest appearances by cartoonists John Weeks, Stuart Hample, Bob Sikoryak, and Scott McCloud!


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