WELCOME TO THE ZONE: Out And About With Oot And Aboot


In this week’s installment of Welcome To The Zone, my 1995 graphic novel revised and revamped for a new century and serialized on Patreon, we are introduced to Oot and Aboot, two homeless aliens from the Planet Borgon. Their nameless species graces the cover of the original edition:

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by Mark Cohen


In my original rough version these two characters were African cannibals, but at my publisher’s urging they changed nationality. They do retain their taste for human meat:


For the alien design, I went back to a character I had drawn in old sketchbooks, “The Mutant From Mars.”




As an aid to drawing and lighting these characters I built a sculpy maquette, which served as reference for all the aliens in the story. Oot and Aboot are basically identical, except that Oot is half the size of Aboot:

Alien maquette
Alien maquette

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