24 Hour Comic #19: Life Of The Party


Last Saturday, October 6th was 24 Hour Comic Day, and just like last year, I drew my comic (my 19th!) at Enthusiasm Collective from 9 am Saturday to 9 am Sunday. Given the (in my opinion) absolute necessity of electing a Democratic Congress this November, I made it a benefit for the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee. Much like my S. Clay Wilson benefit in 2009, I took pledges for a specified dollar amount for each page completed (as usual, I hit it on the nose with 24). I collected seven pledges before the event, for a grand total of $289. Presumably, the DCCC will spend the money on a lot of ads with creepy music and a gravelly voiceover saying stuff like “Walter Wunkett SAYS he cares about your health, but he voted against the Affordable Care Act EIGHTY ONE TIMES!” People who pledged will each receive a print copy of the completed comic.

David Chelsea is reading: Flash: The Making of Weegee the Famous
by Christopher Bonanos

Appropriately enough, this story has a political angle. Written in the form of a letter to former Senator Al Franken, it mingles a biography of my father Dick Celsi, longtime Democratic Party volunteer and onetime Chair of the Oregon State Party, with my own ambivalent history as a mostly Democratic voter, also touching on the career highlights of Al Franken including his final fall from grace.


I actually wrote Franken a letter last year, right after I listened to the audio book of GIANT OF THE SENATE (he never replied). This Call Strip comic tells the tale:


I have been scanning the art and printing out pages for the copies this week. Here are some highlights:








Even though the challenge part is over, it’s not too late to pledge! I will be collecting pledges up until Election Day this November (afterwards, it will be kind of pointless). Pledgers will receive a print copy of the completed comic. I usually post all my 24 Hour Comics on Patreon, but just to keep things nice and exclusive, I am ONLY making this one available to those who have pledged (the story may eventually be included in a future collection of my 24 Hour Comics, but that would be YEARS away). If you would like to make a pledge, please get in touch with me via my contact link, let my know your name and address, and specify a dollar amount. You can either send me a check made out to the DCCC, or promise on your sacred honor you will make a contribution on your own.