Modern Love Illustration: “The Plain, Unmarked Box Arrived”


My most recent illustration for the Modern Love Podcast appeared yesterday. From the website:

“Looking to revitalize your marriage? Try buying a $400 sex chair. It could work wonders — or it could be co-opted as a cool new toy by your 7-year-old son. On this week’s Modern Love podcast, Kristen Bell reads “The Plain, Unmarked Box Arrived,” an essay about one couple’s ambitious attempt to escape the doldrums of parenthood.

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by Bee Wilson

Lori Jakiela, the author of the essay, is a writer and a professor at The University of Pittsburgh — Greensburg.

Illustration for Modern Love column by Lori Jakiela
Illustration for Modern Love column by Lori Jakiela

Ms. Bell stars in the NBC television series, “The Good Place.” Stay tuned after the reading to hear from her, Ms. Jakiela and the Modern Love editor Daniel Jones.”

listen to the podcast here.

Kristen Bell
Kristen Bell

“Now Open The Box”, my tenth 24 Hour Comic, was loosely based on Jakiela’s story. Jakiela and her husband were too embarrassed to test out their sex chair after their seven year old son appropriates it as a battleground for his plastic army men- which is fine for a family newspaper, but I figure such coyness would never be tolerated in comics, so my couple definitely get the chair. I drew the story on isometric graph paper, which gives the panels a look like old-school video games or architectural drawings:


Read “Now Open The Box” in SLEEPLESS, my second collection of 24 Hour Comics from Dark Horse: