PleinAir Live Global Virtual Event: Watch Me Live & Save Up To $500!

Today, Palm Sunday, is the LAST DAY to save up to $500 on the retail price for PleinAir Live Global Virtual Event! A lot of attendees wait until the day of the deadline to purchase- could that be YOU?

In case you missed my previous blog post, here’s a recap: I will be presenting a live-on-video online perspective drawing demonstration as part of the event. This will be similar to the perspective speed demos I have been posting on Patreon for the past year, but in real time and with my spoken commentary guiding you through every step of the process. Full disclosure: my demonstration will not literally be plein air, as in drawn outdoors. It will be a simple one-point perspective of an imaginary room. The organizers told me that was fine with them. I will also be responding in real time to questions in streaming chat. Since I am not a touch typist, I will be using my iPad’s voice recognition software.

David Chelsea is watching:
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Here are some screencaps from my video presentation:

Setting Diagonal Vanishing Point
Adding Architectural Details To Basic Box
Last Details In Pencil
Final Art

Registration is now open for PleinAir Live. To find out more and sign up for this global virtual art training opportunity, visit” If you don’t do it today, I can’t save you any money!