PleinAir Live Global Virtual Event: Watch Me Live & Save Up To $300!

Well, you missed your chance to sign up for the PleinAir Live Global Virtual Event by Palm Sunday to save $500 off the retail price, but no problem- you can still register by April 11th and save $300! Go here and find out how!

I will be presenting a live-on-video online perspective drawing demonstration as part of the event. This will be similar to the perspective speed demos I have been posting on Patreon for the past year, but in real time and with my spoken commentary guiding you through every step of the process. Full disclosure: my demonstration will not literally be plein air, as in drawn outdoors. It will be a simple one-point perspective of an imaginary room. The organizers told me that was fine with them. I will also be responding in real time to questions in streaming chat. Since I am not a touch typist, I will be using my iPad’s voice recognition software.

David Chelsea is reading: Wonderland: How Play Made the Modern World
by Steven Johnson

Oh, and check out my most recent free video on YouTube, in which I move the Beatles indoors from the Abbey Road crossing by adroit use of perspective. Stick around to the end, and see an ad for the PleinAir Live Global Virtual Event!