24 Hour Comic 2022!

This blog has been mostly silent for the past little while, but I decided to post a solicitation for my upcoming 24 hour comic, which I intend to draw on the first Saturday in October. You can read all about it below:

My reference for this strip was one of the 20 minute video modeling sessions posted by Croquis Café. I did the thing I often do with shorter poses, tracing a more refined version of the pose on the back of the paper. You may notice that the bottom half of this strip is a mirror image of the top.

Details, details. One thing I forgot to include in the text of the comic is that contributors at whatever level get a printed copy of my finished comic in zine form, or a digital copy if that is what you prefer. Sign up to be a contributor by using the email link, or by messaging me on Patreon, Facebook, or Instagram.

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