In My Dreams, You Win

My very talented nephew Ivan Pyzow recently recorded and released a new song which includes cover art by me. I’ll let Ivan tell it:

Today, my song “In My Dreams, You Win” comes out on all streaming platforms (Spotify, Apple Music, Bandcamp, everything). I’ve attached the lyrics below. I sent out a demo of this song to this mailing list in March and I’m so happy to share a studio version now. And it features cover art by my lovely uncle, David Chelsea (also attached below). I’m really grateful to everyone that helped develop this song – Jake, Danjuma, Matty, Chris, Gus, Sam, Brok, and Anna.

Let me know what you think of the song! And if you like it, please send it to someone who would like it 🙂



I’m driving east to move back to a memory I know
But they’ve all got wrinkles in their eyes from wincing fast and blinking slow

They’ve all got little raisins on their fingers and their toes
From wading in the shower
Letting time wash them by

From the nozzle, to the head
The neck, the shoulder, to the sigh

She lived on the 30th floor
Heard me from above
Said “I remember a smile like yours
Please come up”

So I started climbing
A few months in I hit my stride
Kept my head up
A few months more I stepped inside

She said,
“My bread won’t bake
My clothes won’t fold
My plants have died
I haven’t slept in years
But there’s one last thing we can try”

Your fingers running, searching for a spot she says that you can’t find
Between her eyes and ears a tender spot that tingles down her spine

A little button on her temple
What she needs to close her mind
Find it
Push it
“Turn me off and tuck me in”

She said, “It’s hard out there for you
But in my dreams, babe, you win”

The art I provided for Ivan’s song is a repurposing of a New York Times Modern Love illustration from the mid-2000s. I don’t remember which particular essay it was for:

Since Ivan needed a square format, I widened the image using the miracle of Photoshop’s new generative fill tool:

As mentioned before, “In My Dreams, You Win” is out on all streaming platforms (Spotify, Apple Music, Bandcamp, everything). Check it out!