Those We’ve Lost

Regular visitors to my Patreon page are aware that for most of a decade I have been posting End Strips, that is, short narrative and non-narrative comics drawn on strips of paper left over from other projects, in a vertical format which looks good on phones.

These are in several subsets: palindromes, random song lyrics that happen to be in Anapest format, and also collections of celebrity portraits portraits of celebrities whose names happen to begin with the same two letters: HE, RA, JE, etc.

After I heard of the death of actress Anne Heche last year I thought I’d go into my HE clippings file and do an End Strip including her portrait along with a bunch of other celebrities whose surnames begin with He. However, I discovered that there was a folder within the file entirely devoted to people named Heche- unsurprisingly, she’s the only one. I decided to paint a watercolor strip entirely of Anne Heche portraits using pictures from the folder as reference. I think this came out well, so I continued with further celebrity obituary strips- those famous people do keep dying!

I set some rules of for myself- I use only clippings already in the folder. No fair going to Google Images for new pics, though previously printed images from the internet are ok. Here are a few notable celebrities I’ve memorialized. Queen Elizabeth II:

Sinead O’Connor:

Former Congresswoman Pat Schroeder:

Tony Bennett:

Here’s a list of everyone I’ve covered so far, with links to the strips on Patreon:

Anne Heche
Nancy Swartz (not exactly a celebrity, just a friend and former roommate)
Robbie Coltrane
Tom Sizemore
Matthew Perry
Tony Bennett
Queen Elizabeth II
Pat Schroeder
Loretta Lynn
Jerry Lee Lewis
Paul Reubens
Sinead O’Connor
Mikhail Gorbachev
Harry Belafonte
Angela Lansbury
Kirstie Alley
Barbara Walters
Pope Benedict XVI
Lisa Marie Presley
Burt Bacharach
Martin Amis
Tina Turner
Treat Williams
Glenda Jackson
Raquel Welch
Alan Arkin
Dianne Feinstein
Robbie Robertson
Suzanne Somers
Sandra Day O’Connor (second O’Connor this year!)
Henry Kissinger

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