When Airplanes Land

My very talented nephew Ivan Pyzow recently recorded and released a lovely new song which includes cover art by me. I’ll let Ivan tell it:


“It’s my birthday. I released a song today. I hope you take four quiet minutes and listen to it. It’s about trying hard as a parent, having failed as a partner, missing someone, high-stakes moments in liminal spaces, and flying through the air. If it moves you, I hope you tell me what you think or send it to someone you know.

Recorded by @_maidenking_ and mixed by @bri_holland. If you want your tracks to sound this good, call me and I’ll sing their praises to you and convince you to hire them. Thank you to @gentle.bear.studio for the space for a day to track this live on a grand piano.

“When Airplanes Land” by Pyzow! on all streaming platforms.
It was fun being in my thirty and I’m excited to move into my thirties and keep singing and dancing with everyone I know. Hoping to sing with you soon.

Thank you to the @school_of_song course with @kimbramusic that prompted me to write this song.”

Like the art I did for Ivan’s previous song In My Dreams, You Win, this image recycles an illustration previously done for a New York Times Modern Love column (in this case it was a piece titled “Live Without Me. I’ll Understand”, which appeared in December 2006. You can read it here, but the archived version no longer includes the illustration).

This new version involves some major Photoshop surgery. Ivan asked me to remove the skeleton hand, and have the airplane flying through an eyeball made of cloudy chemtrails stuff. Here’s the rough we agreed on:

A few filters applied, and some generative fill, and voila, the new version:

So many links to choose from! How about listening to When Airplanes Land on Youtube?