My First Tattoo

When I say my first tattoo, I don’t mean on my personal skin, you understand- I don’t want to foreclose the possibility of one day being buried in a Jewish cemetery- but Brandon Smith of Tellico Plains, Tennessee was so taken with this 1977 gag cartoon I drew for Chic Magazine that he has chosen to carry it around with him always.

Here is the cartoon in its original form. It appeared in CHIC Magazine (Larry Flynt’s glossier, up-scale companion mag to HUSTLER) in 1977:

Memory is hazy, but I believe it was in this issue:

I have long had three benchmarks for having arrived as an artist with genuine impact on the culture. One is being asked for a blurb– that actually happened a decade or so with an artist named Tony Morgan. A tattoo is the second. The third would be my own Wikipedia page (not yet). When I say my first tattoo, I have to add that I know of. For all I know, someone may already be walking around with Minnie or Snow Angel ink. Anyone bearing an unauthorized David Chelsea tattoo should feel free to contact me, ideally with pictures!