Stumptown to Sylvania

Not my best side
Not my best side

I had a perfectly swell time at Stumptown Comics Fest last weekend, signing my books, passing out copies of The Survey and chatting with friends and fans. But don’t take my word for it, check out this time lapse video of Stumptown Day One. I can be seen front and center, next to the big red screen, wearing a black vest. Don’t I look like someone having a good time?

At one point on the video I leave my table for a good chunk of time. That would be the slide show and drawing demonstration I did on Saturday afternoon for an appreciative crowd in Conference Room B111. I was demonstrating how to draw using the perspective grids on the bonus disc included with my latest book Extreme Perspective! Below are some of the sketches from that demonstration, along with a few others drawn during down time at my table.

The naked woman is from a new project I’m in the early stages of, a book of perspective grids incorporating human figures. There are a lot of figure reference books out there, but all of them photograph their models in front of white seamless, which means they are of no help to an artist who wants to integrate figures into a scene with perspective. Mine will be different!

Where I'll be Tuesday
Where I'll be Tuesday

If you missed the Stumptown demonstration, you have another chance to catch my act at PCC’s Sylvania campus on Tuesday. May 8th. from 11am to 1pm as part of Art Beat Week. In fact, this will be better, because my drawing demonstration will be followed by a workshop in which you will have a chance to try out your own chops on hard copies of the very same perspective grids I use. From the catalogue:

Noted author and cartoonist David Chelsea presents a slideshow and demonstration on perspective for comic artists, using printed perspective grids he’s devised to ease the pain of drawing. “It’s kind of tedious to set up perspective diagrams for every drawing I ever do, so I created a whole series of them using a 3-D software program.” The presentation includes works spanning Chelsea’s career in commercial art, including his first 24 Hour Comic, The Harold Project , which was entirely drawn over computer-generated grids. The discussion is followed by a live drawing demonstration and workshop.

David Chelsea-Artist Talk

Tuesday, May 8th 2012

11am – 12pm, Little Theatre (Discussion)

12pm – 1pm, CT 230 (Workshop)

2012 Art Beat
Portland Community College, Sylvania Campus
12000 SW 49th Ave. Portland, OR 97219