Almost Here: Extreme Perspective! In Korean

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I’m supposed to get author’s copies of the new South Korean editions of both my perspective books in the mail very soon, but in the meantime here are some preview images of Extreme Perspective! from the publishers’ website.
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Perspective Police!: Brunetti

New Yorker Cover by Ivan Brunetti
New Yorker Cover by Ivan Brunetti

When I first saw this recent New Yorker cover by Chicago cartoonist Ivan Brunetti, its perspective just looked WRONG to me- a random jumble of elements seen from a variety of inconsistent viewpoints. However, on second look it all fell into place and I realized that a subtle and (mostly) consistent scheme is at work. This becomes clearer when we divide the picture in two:

Brunetti has drawn the top area as an elevation, a type of parallel line drawing corresponding to a view facing one wall directly from an infinite distance away. This method is standard in architectural rendering but is also used from time in time in fine art and illustration.

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Perspective! And Extreme Perspective! In Korean!

I have just heard from Yeong-jin Ahn, a translator living in South Korea, that Viz and Biz is issuing a Korean-language edition of Extreme Perspective! (its first foreign translation) later this month, along with a new printing of Perspective!, which they first issued in 2007. I’ll share images from both books when I get my author’s copies, but for now here’s an image of the cover of Perspective! which I found online:

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Extreme Corrections!

Since my latest book Extreme Perspective! came out last year, l have received mostly favorable comments, but also a number of complaints from readers about errors that made it into print despite my publisher’s and my best efforts (these consist of a few panels where image and caption don’t match, or where a second color is misaligned, and one whole page that’s just WRONG).

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Back To Eugene

This Saturday, October 22nd, I’ll be heading back to Eugene (site of my most recent 24 hour Comics event) to give a perspective talk and live drawing demonstration at noon at the University of Oregon’s Downtown Baker Center in connection with the DIVA Art Of The Graphic Novel exhibit. This will largely replicate the presentations I gave at Stumptown in April and at Gage Academy in September. I’ll be showing examples of work done over the whole of my career and even before:

After the Jack Benny Show opener, early 1960s
After the Jack Benny Show opener, early 1960s

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Spherical Perspective: Skidmore Fountain

Here’s a piece from Think Ink, the group show opening tonight at Steele Gallery in Seattle. This image of Portland’s Skidmore Fountain is the first spherical painting where I worked from photo reference. In the pre-digital era (1999) this meant standing at one spot and taking pictures in all directions, having the resultant roll of film developed, and then spreading the prints on the floor and linking them up in various ways to map out the 360┬░ image.

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Letters To Steve

Another of my far-flung correspondents has sent me a batch of decorated envelopes. I met Steven Abrams when he was an intern at my first publisher, Eclipse Comics. Later Steve was my assistant on Welcome To the Zone, and now he works for the Jimmy Kimmel Live show in Los Angeles.

Steven Abrams with other Jimmy Kimmel staffers
Steven Abrams with other Jimmy Kimmel staffers

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Prospettiva! Parte Due

Here are some frames scanned from the copy which arrived last week of Prospettiva! Per Disegnatori Di Fumetti, the Italian edition of Perspective! For Comic Book Artists, published by Vittorio Pavesio Productions in Turin. The little Italian I remember is insufficient for me to fully savor the translation, but it is a big thrill to know that my book will be available in the country where perspective was discovered (and I will definitely look for it in the shops when the family visits Florence and Venice this summer). A big thank you to translator and Facebookfriend Gianni Castagnetta, who let me know early on that this project was in the works (ordinarily I don’t find out about foreign editions until after the fact- sometimes not for years).

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The Stumptown That Was

It’s not Stumptown till I file my report. This year I decided not to bring my trusty Palm Pilot and instead left it to others to record the event in photos; the official pool of snaps can be found on the Stumptown home page.

My Table (overhead view)
My Table (overhead view)

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