Sylvania Preview II

Here are three Youtube videos similar to the kind of drawing I will be showing you how to do in my demonstration and workshop tomorrow at PCC Sylvania. I can’t promise it will go this fast:

Perspective Grid Speed Drawing Demonstration

Fisheye perspective grid speed drawing demonstration

Cylindrical perspective grid speed drawing demonstration

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Stumptown to Sylvania

Not my best side
Not my best side

I had a perfectly swell time at Stumptown Comics Fest last weekend, signing my books, passing out copies of The Survey and chatting with friends and fans. But don’t take my word for it, check out this time lapse video of Stumptown Day One. I can be seen front and center, next to the big red screen, wearing a black vest. Don’t I look like someone having a good time?

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The Survey: Early Returns

I had a chance to pass out copies of The Survey to attendees at Stumptown Comics Fest last weekend, and the results are somewhat surprising. I was expecting the overwhelming popularity of superhero comics to be reflected in the voting, but actually Superhero ended up in a three-way tie with Pirate and Humor for fourth place in the Genre category, behind Fantasy, Sci-Fi and History. Least-liked genre? Funny Animals.

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The Survey Is Online!

Photo by ocean yamada
Photo by ocean yamada

It’s very early days on The Survey, my new project to pick the brain of the great comics buying public by polling readers on what kind of stories they most want to see, in which style, even down to details of lettering and coloring technique. Based on their answers, I will produce two stories- one, assembled from elements that respondents say they most want to see, the other featuring the qualities they least want to see. (Full disclosure: I was inspired by Komar and Melamid’s People’s Choice painting project, in which they commissioned a poll to determine what qualities people most wanted and did not want in a painting, and then created two paintings with just those qualities.) In case you missed my previous post about it, here is The Survey:
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Just In Time For Stumptown: Immersive Comics!

This is a momentous blog post, for I have the honor of announcing the birth of a new art form: Immersive Comics. The parents are a bit of a May-December match: the venerable comic strip, which first appeared in newspapers over a century ago, but may be far older (Scott McCloud, for one, dates its first appearance to Ancient Egypt), and the immersive panorama, which has its roots in wide-angle photography, but only took on its modern form with the development of online photo sites in the 21st Century.

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Case Histories

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Stumptown Preview 2012

Bagge: "I'll Be Back"
Bagge: "I'll Be Back"

I’m not planning on doing anything radically different at this year’s Stumptown Comics Fest, which is happening this Saturday and Sunday here in Portland. I’ll be selling books, among them my latest, Extreme Perspective! published by Watson-Guptill, taking pictures with my Palm Pilot (like this 2008 shot of Peter Bagge, who I think will be back this year), sketching during downtime, visiting with friends, maybe taking in a panel or two. At 1 pm on Saturday I’ll be doing pretty much the same perspective presentation I did last year.

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Almost Here: Extreme Perspective! In Korean

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I’m supposed to get author’s copies of the new South Korean editions of both my perspective books in the mail very soon, but in the meantime here are some preview images of Extreme Perspective! from the publishers’ website.
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Juvenilia: David Chelsea Saves the Whales

Flyer for The Whale Show, 1976
Flyer for The Whale Show, 1976

I define juvenilia as anything I drew before moving to New York City in 1977; this flyer dates from the year before that (it’s signed `David Celsi’- my professional alias was still several years in the future). It advertises a play whose subtle message was “SAVE THE WHALES!”, presented at Mountain Moving Cafe, a radical feminist watering hole located at what was then Southeast 39th Avenue (now César E. Chávez Blvd) and Stark Street in Portland. The location is now an office of Volunteers Of America.

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Word Freak: Heartbreak, Triumph, Genius, and Obsession in the World of Competitive ScrabblePlayers
by Stefan Fatsis

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