Stumptown Preview 2012

Bagge: "I'll Be Back"
Bagge: "I'll Be Back"

I’m not planning on doing anything radically different at this year’s Stumptown Comics Fest, which is happening this Saturday and Sunday here in Portland. I’ll be selling books, among them my latest, Extreme Perspective! published by Watson-Guptill, taking pictures with my Palm Pilot (like this 2008 shot of Peter Bagge, who I think will be back this year), sketching during downtime, visiting with friends, maybe taking in a panel or two. At 1 pm on Saturday I’ll be doing pretty much the same perspective presentation I did last year.

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Almost Here: Extreme Perspective! In Korean

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I’m supposed to get author’s copies of the new South Korean editions of both my perspective books in the mail very soon, but in the meantime here are some preview images of Extreme Perspective! from the publishers’ website.
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Juvenilia: David Chelsea Saves the Whales

Flyer for The Whale Show, 1976
Flyer for The Whale Show, 1976

I define juvenilia as anything I drew before moving to New York City in 1977; this flyer dates from the year before that (it’s signed `David Celsi’- my professional alias was still several years in the future). It advertises a play whose subtle message was “SAVE THE WHALES!”, presented at Mountain Moving Cafe, a radical feminist watering hole located at what was then Southeast 39th Avenue (now César E. Chávez Blvd) and Stark Street in Portland. The location is now an office of Volunteers Of America.

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Bekannter Karikaturist malt Wargolshausen

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The Influencing Machine: Brooke Gladstone on the Media
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My friends Eva and Albert Warmuth just sent me this story that ran in their local paper, Goldbach-Post, which covers news in the Bavarian villages of Wargolshausen and Junkershausen. The whole family visited them in their straw-bale house last summer, and I posted some drawings from my sketchbook on the site then. This story prints a couple of those drawings, along with what looks like a biographical sketch and photo of their American visitor. It’s difficult to be sure, since I don’t understand German:

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Brunetti Part 2: The Plan

I hope everyone liked that last blog post, in which I took Ivan Brunetti’s recent New Yorker cover, (which mixes elevation and vertical oblique projection) and created all-elevation and vertical oblique versions in Photoshop, because I had so much fun that I decided to take it one step further and create a new version in plan view, that is, as if seen from overhead by an observer at an infinite distance (with the roof removed, of course).

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Perspective Police!: Brunetti

New Yorker Cover by Ivan Brunetti
New Yorker Cover by Ivan Brunetti

When I first saw this recent New Yorker cover by Chicago cartoonist Ivan Brunetti, its perspective just looked WRONG to me- a random jumble of elements seen from a variety of inconsistent viewpoints. However, on second look it all fell into place and I realized that a subtle and (mostly) consistent scheme is at work. This becomes clearer when we divide the picture in two:

Brunetti has drawn the top area as an elevation, a type of parallel line drawing corresponding to a view facing one wall directly from an infinite distance away. This method is standard in architectural rendering but is also used from time in time in fine art and illustration.

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Paper-Tiger Takes Notice

Nice review of Anapest: The Minicomic on UK cartoonist Sean Tiger’s Paper-Tiger Comix biog this week. This all-rhyming 12 pager combines three of my online Anapest strips with a longer story, “Chastity Blasé”, written by me and illustrated by Chad Essley.

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