Sorry I Haven’t Written

Hello, illustration fans. Happy Valentine’s Day, Presidents Day and Chinese New Year. l know it has been many months since my last blog post, but I have an excellent excuse- I was deep in work on my new book Extreme Perspective! Curvilinear And Beyond, trying to make a January deadline (which I only missed by a month) and far too distracted to write anything longer than than a Facebook status update. Well, the long slog is over- not that the book is FINISHED exactly; I still have chapter introductions to write, but the intensive part is past, and am finally able to take my first day off since Thanksgiving. Time to get around to things I’ve neglected, like folding laundry. Maybe I’ll even get a haircut this week, so I won’t look so much like Severus Snape. I promise to return to a more frequent schedule of posts soon- in the meantime here’s another preview panel from the new book:

Spherical Paintings: Rebecca’s Room


Rebecca's Room on a globe
Rebecca's Room on a globe

This 360° spherical view was painted in acrylics on a world globe I bought at a yard sale. It depicts my son Ben and daughter Rebecca in Rebecca’s room circa 2002. Here is what they and the room look like today:


Ben and Rebecca today
Ben and Rebecca today

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Ask Mr. Perspective

Bruce Conkle of Portland, Oregon, writes:

Sorry to bother you and I won’t be bothered if you don’t answer, but I am trying to figure out the back corner of a box in 3 point perspective. If I draw a line from the top corner to the nadir, and one off to the left vp and one to the right vp, they don’t quite match up at one spot. Any tips for this? I have been making my students draw a table and chair in 3 point perspective, and this issue keeps coming up…
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Coming Soon To A Wall Near You

Irving Park Fountain in sinusoidal projection
Irving Park Fountain in sinusoidal projection

Stop the presses! I have actually sold a piece of original art! (Of course, I have been a working artist for over thirty years now, but as an illustrator and cartoonist I create art to be reproduced and no one much has been interested in owning the originals). A submission I made in January to The Visual Chronicle Of Portland, a city-owned collection of works on paper– prints, photographs, paintings and drawings– that focuses on artists’ views of the city’s social and urban landscapes- has been accepted, and at some point soon it will go on display. No black-tie gala planned for this year’s inductees, who also include Justine Avera, Kevin Farrell, Jason Greene, Bruce Hall, Alex Lilly, Francis Rosica and Jake Shivery, but there is a nice check and the satisfaction of seeing my work hanging somewhere besides on a telephone pole (the works are exhibited in publicly accessible areas throughout City and County offices).
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Stumptown Report

I don’t have all that much to say about last weekend’s Stumptown Comics Fest because l didn’t do much beyond sitting at my table and selling books-  I didn’t attend any panels or go to any after-parties. Instead, l  enjoyed the spring weather and the unusual luxury of being able to walk home from a con instead of to a hotel room. I sat, l doodled, l made money- kind of like a night watchman’s job.
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