Scott McCloud And Steve Bissette Make A Guest Appearance On ARE YOU BEING WATCHED?


While I have not been blogging about it every week, I have been plugging away at ARE YOU BEING WATCHED?, my webcomic about Reality TV, posting two pages most weeks on Patreon. In the most recent installment, we are into Hour Six of the 24 Hour Comic session which is being taped for a Reality TV program hosted by David Chelsea, famous cartoonist. David is being shown storyboards for a proposed animated opening to the program, which would tell the story of the invention of the 24 Hour Comic by Scott McCloud, inspired by his friend Steve Bissette:

David Chelsea is reading: Chicago
by Glenn Head

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24 HOUR COMIC Reviewed


I just read a very favorable and flattering review of the documentary 24 HOUR COMIC, in which I prominently appear, by Elias Savada on the website Film International. Money quote: “There’s also David Chelsea, sporting Harry Potter eyeglasses…. Chelsea’s self-referential idea for his day’s effort is to sketch a reality show comic book about the 24 hour comic event. With him as the host.” Savada also praises Milan Erceg’s direction, and the vivid screen presences of my fellow participants, including my daughter Rebecca. Read the full review here, and watch for news of more screenings and a wide release.

Mr. Chelsea Goes To Washington: The Blog Post and The Podcast


I’m ready to tell all you loyal readers about my trip to the DC Independent Film Festival on Presidents’ Day weekend. I was there for the premiere of Milan Erceg’s documentary 24 HOUR COMIC, in which I prominently appear along with seven other talented artists including my daughter Rebecca. The film records a 24 hour comic event at the comics shop TFAW in 2013.

David Chelsea is reading: Ray and Joe: The Story Of A Man And His Dead Friend And Other Classic Comics
by Charles Rodrigues

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Wizard World- One Day Only!


Well, it’s come to be that time of year again– February, when I make an appearance at Wizard World Comics Convention. My appearance will be briefer than usual this year, because of a schedule conflict– the premiere in Washington, DC of 24 HOUR COMIC, the documentary in which I appear along with seven other accomplished cartoonists: Paul Guinan, Sera Stanton, Tom Lechner, Jacob Mercy, Pete Soloway, Rachel Nabors, and my daughter Rebecca, at the DC Independent Film Festival.

Therefore, I will be in Artists Alley at Wizard World only on the first day, Friday, February 17, from 5 PM to 10 PM, signing copies of my books and meeting the public. I’ll have two books that weren’t available last year: SLEEPLESS, my second collection of 24th Hour Comics, and SNOW ANGEL, my all-ages superhero collection.

David Chelsea is watching: Black Mirror – Season 1

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Wiper Woman: The Reveal


I didn’t post about it last week, but I have added two new installments of my recent 24 Hour Comic WIPER WOMAN to my Patreon page. Last week, we saw Wiper Woman in her secret identity as wealthy socialite Misty Arbogast-Glassner, and were introduced to two new characters: Police Chief O’Malley, and Misty’s husband Cyril:

David Chelsea is watching: The Voices
Starring Ryan Reynolds

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ARE YOU BEING WATCHED?: Name That Character!

What's My Name?
What’s My Name?

As I mentioned in my last blog post, ARE YOU BEING WATCHED?, my serialized webcomic on Patreon, is taking a hiatus while I work up new pages. The next sequence will take place entirely at the taping of a Reality TV show on which contestants draw 24 Hour Comics. The host is World 24 Hour Comic record-holder David Chelsea (I just drew my 17th 24 Hour Comic, WIPER WOMAN, at Books With Pictures on October 1-2). Mugg, the protagonist of ARE YOU BEING WATCHED? is of course among the contestants, and his perennial crush Mandy is also on hand as a production assistant.

David Chelsea is listening to: Carrie & Lowell
by Sufjan Stevens

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24 Hour Comics At Books With Pictures: Wiper Woman and 24 Teachers


I did promise some time ago to do a report on my recent 24 Hour Comics Day experience at Books With Pictures, my first in three years. Here it finally is! What can I say? I could not have felt more at home in this wonderfully creative space, and I was most impressed with the work being done around me by a gifted crew of mostly beginner cartoonists, including my daughter Rebecca (who is not QUITE a beginner– she drew her first 24 hour comic at Things From Another World three years ago).

David Chelsea is watching: Disturbia
Starring Shia LaBeouf

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I’m Going Off Caffeine!


The reason being, that I’m drawing my first 24 Hour comic in three years this Saturday to Sunday from 8 am to 8 am, at Books With Pictures, a comics store at 1100 SE. Division St. in Portland (this is the store that was also the site of my recent SNOW ANGEL signing). My traditional method of preparing involves going off caffeine for a week before the event, then taking a ritual first sip at the eight-hour mark, after which I chomp chocolate-covered espresso beans all through the night. Feel free to stop on by and have a chat- if you missed the signing, I’ll even sign a copy of SNOW ANGEL for you!

David Chelsea is reading:The Fade Out Volume 3
by Image Comics

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Here is another in my irregular series of posts about stories in my new 24 hour comic collection SLEEPLESS from Dark Horse. This story is ID, and it is about a woman who has her identity stolen by a mysterious tormentor. Featuring an all-animal cast, until I changed my mind halfway through and made them all humans. Based partly on a story I was illustrating that week for the New York Times, with elements drawn from the Rock Hudson movie SECONDS, this is one of the few comics stories I’ve drawn, 24 Hour or not, which manages to generate genuine suspense. Possibly this is because I had no idea until an hour or two before I finished how it would end.

David Chelsea is watching:How to Succeed in Business Without Really Trying
starring Robert Morse

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Second Thursday: Snow Angel, And An End To All Day And All Of The Night On Patreon!


It’s the Second Thursday of the month, time for me to load a new comic from the archives to my Patreon page. This month, it’s the third and final installment of ALL DAY AND ALL OF THE NIGHT, a 24 Hour Comic in which Mugg finds himself a contestant on a Reality TV show hosted by famous cartoonist David Chelsea, in which he has 24 hours to draw a comic. Mugg ends up one of the top two contestants, competing for the top prize with a six-year-old boy in a wheelchair, who draws with a pen in his mouth (the blue ribbon panel of judges includes my own early character Piggola, The Virgin Valkyrie, a video game character who appeared in another strip of mine, THE GIRL WITH THE KEYHOLE EYES, and Kitchenbot, a robot formed of pots and pans and and cutlery, vaguely similar to Paul Guinan’s Boilerplate.):

David Chelsea is reading:
ROY G. BIV: An Exceedingly Surprising Book About Color
by Jude Stewart

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