End Strips: The Clerihews


This week I posted my 70th End Strip on Patreon. End Strips are short comics drawn in a vertical format on random strips of paper, usually ones trimmed from larger sheets by my daughter Rebecca for some school project or another. These have tended to fall into a few main groups: drawings of celebrities from my various clippings folders, short strips featuring my characters Sandy & Mandy, drawings of Facebook friends who share the same first name, rhyming song lyrics that happen to have an anapest meter, and clerihews- short comic poems about famous people with my caricature illustrations.

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Modern Love Podcast: Seeing the World Through My Mom’s Eyes

Modern Love Illustration for the New York Times.
Modern Love Illustration for the New York Times.

Another of my old illustrations just went up on the Modern Love Podcast website. On this week’s podcast, the actor David Oyelowo reads “Seeing the World Through My Wife’s Eyes,” about a man whose other senses become heightened after he loses sight, and whose spouse helps fill in the details he can’t discern.

The 2006 Modern Love essay was written by Ryan Knighton, an author whose work often describes his experience of blindness. You can follow him on Twitter.

Mr. Oyelowo recently starred in the film “A United Kingdom” and is known for his portrayal of the Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. in “Selma.”

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Wiper Woman: The Reveal


I didn’t post about it last week, but I have added two new installments of my recent 24 Hour Comic WIPER WOMAN to my Patreon page. Last week, we saw Wiper Woman in her secret identity as wealthy socialite Misty Arbogast-Glassner, and were introduced to two new characters: Police Chief O’Malley, and Misty’s husband Cyril:

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ARE YOU BEING WATCHED?: Name That Character!

What's My Name?
What’s My Name?

As I mentioned in my last blog post, ARE YOU BEING WATCHED?, my serialized webcomic on Patreon, is taking a hiatus while I work up new pages. The next sequence will take place entirely at the taping of a Reality TV show on which contestants draw 24 Hour Comics. The host is World 24 Hour Comic record-holder David Chelsea (I just drew my 17th 24 Hour Comic, WIPER WOMAN, at Books With Pictures on October 1-2). Mugg, the protagonist of ARE YOU BEING WATCHED? is of course among the contestants, and his perennial crush Mandy is also on hand as a production assistant.

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24 Hour Comics At Books With Pictures: Wiper Woman and 24 Teachers


I did promise some time ago to do a report on my recent 24 Hour Comics Day experience at Books With Pictures, my first in three years. Here it finally is! What can I say? I could not have felt more at home in this wonderfully creative space, and I was most impressed with the work being done around me by a gifted crew of mostly beginner cartoonists, including my daughter Rebecca (who is not QUITE a beginner– she drew her first 24 hour comic at Things From Another World three years ago).

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New On Patreon: Mugg’s A Winner, And The Secret Stash: Scribe Illustrations!


I haven’t been keeping up blog posts about it, but I have been posting regularly to my Patreon page each week. The story has progressed further on ARE YOU BEING WATCHED? Mugg’s latest Reality TV adventure takes place on the program Peewee Princesses, on which Mugg wins a million billion dollars in a toddler beauty pageant:

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The Secret Stash On Patreon: Looking Glass Ads!


It’s been a while since I’ve posted about my Patreon page. Last Thursday I posted a new selection of Secret Stash material– a selection of newspaper ads drawn for the Portland Scribe advertising the Looking Glass Bookstore in the years between 1976 and 1978. The Looking Glass Bookstore was run by Bill Kloster and Katie Radditz, a married couple and good friends of mine. I had been a long time customer from the time I was in high school, frequently sneaking looks at the off-limits-to-minors underground comics they had displayed on a rack.


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What You’ve Been Missing on Patreon


I have been so busy over recent weeks that I have not kept up with blog posts, though I have been posting material to my Patreon page on a fairly regular basis: drawings of Tom Terrific from when I was five, end strip comics drawn at the beach, and the like. I have also managed to keep up a page a week on ARE YOU BEING WATCHED?, my Reality TV webcomic. Right now we’re in the middle of a return to Expulsion Island, Mugg’s second chance to appear on the Survivor-like program from which he was ceremoniously voted off earlier in the story. One of his fellow contestants is a slumming celebrity you might recognize:

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24 Hour Comics: The Documentary


A 24-hour comic is a 24-page comic book written, drawn, and completed in 24 hours. As I have mentioned before, I believe myself to be the World Record Holder in number of 24 Hour Comics completed, sixteen in all. My last 24 Hour Comics session was in May 2013 at Things From Another World in Portland (I’ve been busy, but I hope to draw at least one more later this year), which was recorded for posterity by documentary filmmaker Milan Erceg (who in a prior life served as assistant on my book PERSPECTIVE!), in his long-awaited documentary 24 HOUR COMIC. Three years in the editing, Milan now has a fine film ready to send out to the festival circuit, and you can have a preliminary look by viewing the trailer at the official website here.


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Second Thursday: PalmPilot and Kibble Kitchen


It is the Second Thursday of the month, when I always post comics from my archive on my Patreon page. I had hoped to be able to post some pages from WELCOME TO THE ZONE with revamped art, but I am lagging a bit on the schedule, so that will have to wait until next month. Instead, I am posting more PalmPilot strips from 2004-2005, my first foray into digital comics (and, since these were posted at the time on the Comics Lifestyle website, I guess they qualify as my first webcomic series). These strips are a bit of a time capsule, including a lot of topical material about the 2004 election:

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