24 Hour Comics: I Like To Riff

l had a fine time at the 24 Hour Drawpocalypse last weekend at Cosmic Monkey, and managed to finish my 24 page comic in just 23 hours. (Then I discovered that I’d actually only drawn 23 pages because I had somehow skipped page 18, so I went back yesterday and drew a new page in an hour. Don’t tell Scott McCloud.) Here are some frames from my story, titled I Like To Riff:

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24 X 12

Last year at Cosmic Monkey. I'm in the green shirt. Photo by Tom Lechner.
Last year at Cosmic Monkey. I'm in the green shirt. Photo by Tom Lechner.

I’m busy ruling panel borders today because I will be drawing all day and all through the night this Saturday and Sunday at Cosmic Monkey’s Spring 24 Hour Comic event. This will be my third appearance at a Cosmic Monkey session and (if I make it) my 12th 24 Hour comic, still a World Record till someone tells me different. Two of my previous 24 Hour comics have been published by Top Shelf, and others, such as Jesusland and Now Open The Box are viewable online.
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He Walks On Air, I Walk On Eggshells

This two page comic drawn for the 2002 charity anthology 9-11: Artists Respond tells the story of French daredevil Philippe Petit’s 1974 wire walk between the towers of the World Trade Center, which was also the subject of the recent award-winning documentary Man On Wire. I could classify this one as a comic for hire, but to me it doesn’t qualify because I wasn’t paid for it. The book was in aid of some worthy charity I can’t recall- possibly a fund for firemen’s wives whose husbands had left them for 9/11 widows- and all contributors waived their fees.
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Countdown To 24 Hour Comic Day

This  year’s Portland event is at the Backspace, and as usual l will be there, though this year I’m somewhat wussing out- instead of drawing a 24 Hour Comic I’ll spend the time catching up on inking pages from my perspective book. It used to annoy me mightily when other artists would work on not-24 projects at 24 Hour Comic events at my house- it felt like they weren’t bringing their A game- but what goes around comes around.
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I’m not going to San Diego

The San Diego Comics Convention being held this weekend, that is. l have nothing against that gathering of the clan, but this year I am very busy working to get my new perspective book in on deadline and I have no new product to promote, so I’m staying home. In lieu of a report, here is an album of stereo photographs I took at San Diego sometime in the 90’s.
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Cartoonists On Radio!

One of my very occasional moonlighting activities has been acting on the radio. Usually I’m reading Damon Runyon stories in my best Brooklyn accent under the alias “Naples Yellow” for KBOO-FM’s program Gremlin Time, but tonight it’s something a little more contemporary, a radio adaptation of “Frank” cartoonist Jim Woodring’s story Dinosaur Cage. I’m the narrator, and there is another cartoonist in the cast- The Oregonian’s Michael Russell, who years ago drew this strip about my first 24 Hour Comics Session. Another cartoonist, S.W. Conser, adapted and directed the piece. It is scheduled to air tonight (Monday) at 11pm PDT as one of the features on KBOO’s “Ubu Hour” (alert, in case you’re forwarding the info to friends: several of the other theater pieces airing tonight feature parental-advisory language).

The show can be tuned in live on the web at http://kboo.fm/listen but if you prefer to wait until Tuesday, the audio will be up on the KBOO website, available for download.

Stumptown Report

I don’t have all that much to say about last weekend’s Stumptown Comics Fest because l didn’t do much beyond sitting at my table and selling books-  I didn’t attend any panels or go to any after-parties. Instead, l  enjoyed the spring weather and the unusual luxury of being able to walk home from a con instead of to a hotel room. I sat, l doodled, l made money- kind of like a night watchman’s job.
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Stumptown Preview


Me at last year's Stumptown.
Me at last year's Stumptown.

This weekend l will be making my only convention appearance of the year at Stumptown Comics Fest here in Portland. I wasn’t able to get any new material together in time, but l will have all my books for sale; l will also make myself available for perspective consults. I’ll be taking donations as well for the S. Clay Wilson Special Needs Trust– if anyone’s on the fence about contributing to this worthy cause, they can preview the original art for the 24 hour comic I drew, a copy of which comes with your donation (I just haven’t finished scanning the art yet).
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